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You’re seeing small scale developments going up all over the Melbourne suburbs and you think “I’d like a slice of the action”.

Well now you can!

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Traditional residential property investment is becoming increasingly more difficult for investors as prices escalate and banks tighten lending policies.

Until now property development has been out of reach for even the more sophisticated of investors because of the skills, experience and time required to undertake a project.

But now there is an ability for sophisticated investors without the experience or time to participate directly in professionally managed development projects.

A self-managed superannuation fund can diversify into property with an experienced developer, share in development profits but without borrowing and without the time commitment required.

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What you should know

Diversification into Property

This is an opportunity to diversify investment into property if you are unwilling or unable to take on additional debt to buy investment properties and concerned about over exposure to the equity markets.

Only Low-Density

The fund fully invests in low density residential property developments, maintaining a small allocation of cash for liquidity purposes only.

No borrowing

Unlike other direct property investment opportunities, you will not need to borrow from the bank to participate in the development fund. Furthermore, there is no need for gearing at fund level.

SMSF Investment

Self-managed superannuation funds can find diversifying into property difficult because they lack the funds for direct investment and are either unable or unwilling to borrow in the fund. This small-scale property development fund approach provides an opportunity for an SMSF to diversify into property without the need to borrow.

Return on Investment

These property development projects have potential to provide higher returns than traditional real estate investments. The fund targets 50% share of the development profits. Distributions are determined and paid on the completion of projects. Of course, like any managed investment there will be management and due diligence fees with are fully disclosed in an information memorandum.


Due diligence and feasibility summaries of each project are made available to investors and quarterly reports provided. There’s even the opportunity to log into a website and watch a webcam of the development in progress.

Professional Skills

The fund and developer assemble a team of professionals that can identify and market projects across Australia. You’re into property development without the steep learning curve, time and risk involved.


This is a long-term investment, with a recommended investment period of 3 to 5 years but withdrawls can be made quarterly within cap limits.


The fund invests in multiple properties to diversify risk. No investment comes without risk but there is clear documentation about the investment which is only available to Sophisticated Investors through a standard application process.

Social Importance of Property Development

Property development not only offers good returns on investment, it has great social importance as new low-density townhouse and apartment developments are needed to make homes at accessible prices for the growing Melbourne population.

As Melbourne is Australia's fastest growing city, the high demand for housing means strong investment potential.

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